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Laura Morlando The Stress Commando helps professionals and businesses Network Stress-Free, Work Stress-Free With A.I., and Look Stress-Free so they can be more effective and confident. She is the Founder and CEO of Down and Dirty Networking helping professionals and entrepreneurs Coelevate, Collaborate, and Connect.

After going from top-tier corporate professional to successful entrepreneur due to her Dad’s Cancer illness, Laura then pivoted her business 100% to the virtual space due to an Auto-Immune and Lyme diagnosis. She knows the impact of stress on productivity and the importance of community for workers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to thrive.

She’s trained over 150,000 people over the last 17 years and worked with dozens of notable people and organizations including the United States Federal Reserve Banks, The American Heart Association, and Lockheed Martin. She’s spoken on stages such as The University of Texas at Dallas, The American Business Women’s Association, and KLTY Business Social DFW and has been interviewed on Womanars, The Jeff Crilley Show, and The Solutionist with Brenda Warren, among other notable outlets.

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